Standard Car Insurance v. Non-Standard Car Insurance

Standard insurance is car insurance that you can purchase through the voluntary marketplace. This is the insurance most people think of when they think about buying car insurance. It’s simply insurance that you get by shopping around and finding the best deal. Some people are considered high-risk and cannot get standard insurance. They must then search for non-standard auto insurance.

If you have a DUI, several traffic violation or if you are a new driver you will need non-standard car insurance. Anyone who drives any type of high powered vehicle may also need to find non-standard insurance.

Essentially, the difference between standard and non-standard car insurance is that standard is  for car owners with a good driving record and are "preferred drivers" while non-standard insurance is for people with a less than average driving record, no driving experience or a  driver with a specialized vehicle.

Also, you don’t have to be a non-standard driver to get non-standard insurance. Sometimes these non-standard insurers offer lower prices for people who could otherwise get standard car insurance.  Often, large, well-known standard insurance providers own non-standard providers and can pass on low rates.

As with all insurance, rates can vary quite a bit both between and among standard and non-standard insurance providers.

The best way to get the cheapest rate is to use our free quote service.  It will allow you to search for the lowest priced car insurance in your area and help you find both standard or non-standard car insurance.

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