2 Myths About Buying Car Insurance Online

Two of the most asked questions about buying car insurance online were: "How do I know my rate is accurate?" and, "I have a situation I need to explain." This articles dispels the myths associated with each of those questions.

How do I know my rate is accurate?

Before car insurance companies set up Web sites for you to put your information directly into, your rate was still calculated via computer. Your agent had access to the computer, or faxed over your information and the underwriting department calculated the rate. Insurance companies take the same algorithm they have always used for risk measurement and allow customers to get a rate without involving an agent. Agents have always been able to access these algorithms, but it saves the insurance company money to let the customer do it directly. You save money in many cases because the insurance company does not have to pay an agent's commission when you purchase online.

I have a situation I need to explain

Many drivers have special situations. When you go through the questionnaire online and answer the questions, pay close attention and see if one of those questions deals with your special situation. If you do not see anything pertaining to your situation and are still worried, call customer service and ask. Customer service representatives at car insurance companies are well-versed in special situations and can walk you through what to do next.

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